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Bad Boll

Hauptstraße 94, 73087 Bad Boll

On the Jurassic bluffs of the Swabian Alb, in a charming relaxation and hiking area.
Bad Boll is an ideal starting point for discovering the "Street of the Staufer" where the buildings from the Staufer period (11th/12th century) can be seen. In the nearby Göppingen (7km) on Hohenstaufen Mountain the ancestral seat of the famous Imperial family was situated.
Bad Boll also belongs to the "European Cultural Road Heinrich Schickhardt". The spa was built in the years 1595/1596 by the Swabian building master.

Altes Schulhaus Bad Boll Bad Boll was first mentioned in documents in 1155. In this document, the Emperor Barbarossa confirms to the church possession of Constance that the provost of Boll is subject to interest. The oldest traces of settlement go back to the Iron Age. Shards of bricks from a Roman estate near the spa house point to the later Roman rule. Then the Alemanni came, which was an important event at the onset of the 16th century. When Duke Friedrich I of Wuerttemberg ordered the looking for salt, a sulfur source was found at a large depth. The source was contained and made to the middle point of a horseshoe shaped spa facility, the current day appearance of which resulted in the years 1823 - 1825 under King Wilhelm I. In 1852, Pastor Blumhardt took over the spa. In 1920 the Moravian Brotherhood became the new owners. Since then the house has been operated as a spa clinic and since 1976 the spa house - with spa park, pump room and Belvedere - has also been connected to a thermal mineral movement bath.


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Hauptstraße 94
73087 Bad Boll

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Bad Boll

Hauptstraße 94, 73087 Bad Boll

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