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Bärenschlössle - Bear Palace

70569 Stuttgart

The history of the Bärenschlössle (1768) is overshadowed by destruction and rebuilding. The little "Bear Palace", located in the woodlands on the shores of the Bärensee lake, served Carl Eugen as a pleasure palace.

After his death, however, the building in classical Roman style fell into disrepair and in 1817 King Wilhelm I ordered it to be torn down and a hunting lodge erected in its place. Other buildings followed: the Bärenschlössle twice burned to the ground and was rebuilt in the former style with the exception of the upper storey windows, which were instead replaced by casement doors. Today the Bärenschlössle and its deer park are a popular place for outings with Stuttgart's inhabitants.


Bärenschlössle mit Bärenseen
70569 Stuttgart


Bärenschlössle - Bear Palace

70569 Stuttgart

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