Dr.-Peter-Bümlein-Platz 1, 70794 Filderstadt

Ideally situated on the agriculturally attractive Filder plain or in the middle Neckar area and only 1 kilometer away from the Stuttgart Airport, not only the Swabian Alb are in view but also the Black Forest and the natural conservation area Schönbuch are easily reachable.

Filderkraut ist die Spezialität der Filderregion Filderstadt resulted from the community reform from 1 January 1975. Since then it includes the city districts of Bernhausen, Bonlanden, Harthausen, Plattenhardt and Sielmingen.

Of course the history of the five city districts is much older. Due to the good soil, the Fildern have been settled since the early Stone Age. For centuries, they served as the agricultural "pantry" of Stuttgart. The famous Filderspitzkraut (Filder cabbage) used to be of great importance and the people in Bernhausen have dedicated a memorial to it.  

The former wealth is pointed out by the numerous timber frame houses in the hearts of the towns. To be emphasized are above all the town centers of Bernhausen and Bonlanden where the Filderstadt Homeland Museum is also located.


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Dr.-Peter-Bümlein-Platz 1
70794 Filderstadt

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Dr.-Peter-Bümlein-Platz 1, 70794 Filderstadt

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