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Hundertwasser House

Unterm Regenturm 1-5, 73207 Plochingen

The Hundertwasser House in Plochingen is an architectural and artistic eyecatcher. The inner courtyard of the complex was designed by the famous Viennese artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and reflects, right down to the smallest detail, his philosophy of life: cheerful colours, rounded shapes, whimsical balconies on sedate ceramic pillars, ceramic bands symbolising streaks of rain running off the building, or trees sprouting from oriels and rooftops.

The diversity of bright colours used is complemented by the unique architecture: all the forms are organic, with no straight lines or right angles anywhere, and windows which seem to dance across the façades – for the observer a fascinating interplay of shapes and colours.


Hundertwasser-Wohnhaus Plochingen
Unterm Regenturm 1-5
73207 Plochingen

Phone: +49 (0)7153 7005 250 (Plochingeninfo)


Hundertwasser House

Unterm Regenturm 1-5, 73207 Plochingen

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