• Karlshöhe Stuttgart
    Karlshöhe Stuttgart

Karlshöhe (Karlshöhe Hill)

70178 Stuttgart

If you haven’t already got off the bus at the Marienplatz stop and mounted the steps to the hill known as Karlshöhe, you now have another opportunity to see it. There are no steps on this route; instead there’s a pleasant footpath past the historical Villa Gemmingen and a little municipal vineyard. The gentle uphill walk takes 10 minutes.

On reaching Karlshöhe you have a wonderful view of Stuttgart and the Television Tower. The public park on the summit of this small hill ridge was laid out by the Stuttgart Improvement Society back in the 19th century and continues to give pleasure to visitors in the present day. Children can let off steam at the playground, while adults enjoy the tranquillity only a few minutes away from the bustling metropolis.


70178 Stuttgart


Karlshöhe (Karlshöhe Hill)

70178 Stuttgart

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