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Belforter Platz 1, 71229 Leonberg

The "Gateway" to the Strohgaeu and to the Black Forest, seen from Stuttgart, is in the intersection of the Autobahns A8 (Munich - Stuttgart - Karlsruhe) and A81 (Heilbronn-Stuttgart - Singen - "Lake of Constance Autobahn"). 15 minutes away from the Airport Stuttgart by car.

Leonberg Leonberg - the first founding of a city by the counts of Wuerttemberg. In 1248/49 the city "Levinberch" arose under Count Ulrich I as a fortress and counterbalance to the surrounding imperial cities. The name is derived from the fortress Löwenberg on the slopes of the Engelberg. Its lords had the lion on their arms. The Leonberg city arms today, a black lion with a yellow background, has its origin here.

1350: Leonberg becomes a district seat and is thus the center point of the region, granting of market privileges. In addition to the weekly market, Leonberg had seven fairs in the course of the centuries. Of special importance was the horse market which has taken place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month since 1684, still today an event which is similar to a folk festival. Administration, small crafts and agriculture characterized the city until halfway through the 19th century. Today the city is a modern economic center.


Stadt Leonberg
Amt für Kultur, Erwachsenenbildung, Sport und Stadtmarketing

Belforter Platz 1
71229 Leonberg

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Belforter Platz 1, 71229 Leonberg

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