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Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald (Swabian Forest)

Marktplatz 8, 71540 Murrhardt

The Swabian Forest is the most popular recreational area in the vicinity of Stuttgart.

This upland region is rich in variety and offers a wealth of possibilities for relaxing or sporting outdoor activities: hikes to the historic mills on the Mill Hiking Trail, or to the attractions of the Limes World Heritage Site on the Limes Trail. Well-signposted cycle and mountain bike tracks, cross-country ski trails, horse riding, plane flights over the Limes, museums, golf courses and cabaret leave no room for boredom.

No matter what the time of year – the countryside around the Ebnisee lake provides an interesting range of leisure activities with a host of options – including an amusement park and a summer bobsleigh run.  

The former Roman settlement of Murrhardt  is a good starting point for hikes through impressive scenery, while the historic old town centre, the unique St. Walterich's Chapel, the municipal art collection, the Jugendstil villa built by the industrialist Robert Franck, and the Carl Schweizer Museum also invite you to linger.


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Marktplatz 8
71540 Murrhardt

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Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald (Swabian Forest)

Marktplatz 8, 71540 Murrhardt

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