• Paulaner Sindelfingen
    Paulaner Sindelfingen

Paulaner Sindelfingen

Mercedesstraße 9-11, 71063 Sindelfingen

This is a picture-book restaurant – as chaming and cosy as your own living room. It's the aim of Paulaner Sindelfingen to maintain the tradition of old-fashioned hospitality. Grandmother's recipes and the choice of ingredients have found their way into the saucepans. Even such "simple fare" turns into something really special when it's prepared in the kitchens with so much care and devotion.


Paulaner Sindelfingen
Mercedesstraße 9-11
71063 Sindelfingen

Phone: +49(0)7031 436 47 27


Paulaner Sindelfingen

Mercedesstraße 9-11, 71063 Sindelfingen

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