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    © Jörg Launer

"Pomologie" & Volkspark Reutlingen

Alteburgstraße, 72762 Reutlingen

The "Pomologie" in Reutlingen was laid out in 1860 as a practical training area for students of the "College of Pomology, Fruticulture and Horticulture".

Along with the adjoining Volkspark, the "Pomologie" was completely redesigned in 1984 for the state horticultural exhibition in Reutlingen. Today, the two adjacent green areas constitute a charming park with lots of apple trees and a view of the Achalm mountain. With their romantic paths, orchards, rose garden and fountains, they are idyllic green havens close to the centre of town.


Pomologie und Volkspark
72762 Reutlingen


"Pomologie" & Volkspark Reutlingen

Alteburgstraße, 72762 Reutlingen

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