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Rosenstein Palace

Rosensteinpark, 70191 Stuttgart

Rosenstein Palace (1824–1929) stands on a rise near the centre of Stuttgart overlooking the River Neckar, between the Wilhelma Zoo and the Lower Palace Gardens. Since 1954 it has been home to the State Natural History Museum.

Its architect, Giovanni Salucci, was commissioned by King Wilhelm I to build him a country home on the site, but in effect the monarch seldom went there. His consort, Queen Katharina, died in 1819 before the palace was completed, and the king had Salucci build a mausoleum for her on Stuttgart's Rotenberg. Following a prediction that Wilhelm himself would die at Rosenstein Palace, he set foot in the building as rarely as possible. Despite this, however, he did in fact die there in June 1864.


Schloss Rosenstein
70191 Stuttgart


Rosenstein Palace

Rosensteinpark, 70191 Stuttgart

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