Seeschloss Monrepos

71634 Ludwigsburg-Eglosheim

Ludwigsburg's Seeschloss Monrepos is a lakeside palace and Rococo masterpiece with an interior in Empire style, built in an idyllic setting during the reign of Duke Carl Eugen between 1758 and 1764. Under Duke Friedrich II it was altered and furnished in the style of Classicism.

In summer romantic concerts are held here, such as the big open-air concert with a Baroque firework display which is part of the Ludwigsburg Palace Festival.


Seeschloss Monrepos
71634 Ludwigsburg-Eglosheim

Phone: +49 (0)7141 221 060
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Opening hours

The castle can't be visited. The park is open all year round. Mid-march - mid-october it is possible to rent a boat, depending on the weather.

All opening hours and further information:


Seeschloss Monrepos

71634 Ludwigsburg-Eglosheim

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