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Seven Winepresses Metzingen

Am Klosterhof 6, 72555 Metzingen

The Seven Winepresses in Metzingen are a unique historical feature on what used to be the edge of the town. First documented in 1281, the winepresses were built by different land owners and came into the possession of the town by the 19th century. Formerly open-sided, each of the halls provided protection from the elements for two or three of the beams used in pressing the grapes.

During the Thirty Years War, five of the seven winepresses were destroyed by fire, but were rebuilt by the year 1700. Other witnesses to wine production on Kelternplatz ("Winepress Square") are the "Zehnthäusle" (tithe house), the "Weingärtner-Häusle" ("Vintners' House") and the former monastery courtyard and university cellars. With the exception of one, the beams were removed from the winepresses in 1929.

Today the winepresses house the Museum of Viniculture, the municipal library, an event room, a wine store and gastronomy. In addition, the square is used as a marketplace.


Platz der Sieben Keltern Metzingen
Am Klosterhof 6
72555 Metzingen

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Seven Winepresses Metzingen

Am Klosterhof 6, 72555 Metzingen

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