• Shopping in Waiblingen
    Shopping in Waiblingen

Shopping in Waiblingen

Scheuerngasse 4, 71332 Waiblingen

Waiblingen's city centre is at the same time its main shopping area, with more than 500 specialist stores located between the old town centre, Blumen-, Fronacker- and Bahnhofstraße. On a total sales area of over 25,000 square metres, all kinds of goods and sectors are represented. As well as national chain stores there are also numerous owner-run specialist shops. Many of them have their premises in one of the impressive timbered buildings. Visitors are sure to discover many surprises during a shopping excursion in town, for example a "Schdoi-Stüble" ("Stone Shop" = jeweller's), a classic ironmonger's and a fish shop. Many kinds of shops that you might seek in vain in other town centres are still to be found in Waiblingen.

Two of the main shopping magnets are the Marktgasse and Postplatz-Forum shopping malls, both of which stand out by virtue of their architecture and the attractive range of goods. Service, quality and advice are key qualifications in the inner-city retail trade and the reason why shoppers come to the town centre from far beyond the city boundaries.


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Scheuerngasse 4
71332 Waiblingen

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Shopping in Waiblingen

Scheuerngasse 4, 71332 Waiblingen

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