Teck Castle

Teckstraße 100, 73277 Owen

A more than 3km-long path leads to the Teck Castle, which was first mentioned in a document in 1152. It is situated 775 metres above sea-level and was probably built by Konrad von Zähringen, who called himself the "Duke of Teck". It was in the possession of the Teck Dukes until 1381, after which it belonged to Württemberg.

Teck Castle invites you to a delightful trip: Discover the castle's history, enjoy the wonderful views and delicious food - with special middle ages-events!


Burg Teck
Teckstraße 100
73277 Owen

Phone: +49 (0)7021 552 08

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Open all year.

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Teck Castle

Teckstraße 100, 73277 Owen

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