Scheuerngasse 4, 71332 Waiblingen

Waiblingen in the Rems Valley is to the east of Stuttgart. No matter where you come from, Waiblingen is easily reachable from all sides and with all transport means.

In Waiblingen Waiblingen's history and that if its five city parts of Beinstein, Bittenfeld, Hegnach, Hohenacker and Neustadt reaches far back in the past. From prehistorical and early historical settlements, Celtic, Roman and Alemanni findings have remained. Under the three imperial dynasties, the Carolingens (until 911), the Saliens (1024 - 1125) and the Staufers (as of 1138), Waiblingen experienced its most famous time. The Carolingen emperor Charles III issued documents in his Waiblingen palatine in the years 885 and 887 at court days. Under the Staufen emperors, Waiblingen was considered to be "the most exquisite among the fortresses in Swabia". In memory of that period of glory, Waiblingen is called the Staufer City. And also the battle cry "Hie Welf!" - "Hie Waibling!" once could be heard throughout the land. In the Thirty Years' War, in 1634 Waiblingen with the exception of five houses was completely destroyed. It took 150 years until the city had again reached the number of residents which it had before the horrible event.


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Scheuerngasse 4
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Scheuerngasse 4, 71332 Waiblingen

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